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Helping Patients in Africa With Cardio-Related Issues

for your telemedical needs

At medcore, we offer basic laboratory services just like any other laboratory but we took it a step further by creating  a web based application or software where the referral or doctor can see the patients result and can always come back from time to time at the comfort of their practice or clinic. The patients can also see their results as well. 

We are fast and reliable. We also offer a tele dermatology services - if you have a patient with a skin disorder - kindly send them to us and we will use ​our dermatoscope with polarised lights to scan the lesion. The scan would be sent to U.K. via a secure server where one of our dermatologist would report it. We offer cloud based Ecg services both on the go and proxy.

The Ecg traces are sent also via a secure server to our consultants in England for reporting. It takes up to three hours. We offer tele radiology services as well as radiological reporting services.

We can​ report your xrays, CT scans and ultrasound for a competitive price. We do this if you have the machines but no in house radiologist. We have ultra portable devices and can come to you hospital to do scans for your very ill patients. Finally, we have tele ophthalmoscope services. It operates like our tele haptics devices.

Telehaptic services - ECG 


We have partnered with  cardiotrack to offer the latest internet-connected ECG machines to Africa. Our new ECG devices are cloud-enabled, utilising the latest ECG artificial intelligence technology. Furthermore, all readings are checked and verified by human cardiology experts based in the UK and India

It is worth noting that all our ECG machines record and display ECG in real time. The data is securely transmitted to our UK expert in a fraction of a second. Our reporting time during core office hours (0900 – 1700 GMT) is 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on customer requirements. Therefore, patients in Africa can receive an ECG report from an accredited UK electrophysiologist or trained ECG experts before they leave their local medical facility. 

Our service delivers world class healthcare by accessing world class cardiology experts at the fraction of the cost of sending African patients overseas.

Medcore is the sole distributor of this service/technology in Africa and, as such, we have the authority to enter into public-private partnership or direct sales with all establishments and partners.


On a related matter, ME90 are novel, easy-to-use cardiac arrhythmia screening device. These machines detect Atrial Fibrillation, which is considered to be the single most important cause of stroke worldwide according to WHO. The devices are quick to use (60 seconds) and do not require the patient to undress. Therefore, large numbers of patients can be screened economically with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.


If the devices pick up Atrial Fibrillation, our team of UK-based stroke consultants can offer free medical advice to reduce the risks associated with this condition. We believe connecting to the very best specialist advice will be a significant benefit to both your patients and institution. We also offer bespoke services with e-consulting with efficient engagement with a view of attaining high-end delivery.


All the above will be done in collaboration with your local medical team. This strategy will boost customer confidence, thus increasing the number of clients. The service enhancement will make your institution more attractive to corporate customers.


Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare service where distance is a critical factor by all healthcare professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, research and evaluation for the continuing education of healthcare providers all in the purpose of advancing the health of individuals and their communities

Cardia​c Centre

we partnered with a well known medical centre in Ogun state, nigeria to build a state of the art cardiac centre in nigeria. This involves both a pacemaker clinic and a catheter laboratory. We set up bespoke cardiac centres in an established participating hospital. We have noticed that a large number of Nigerians go to the United Kingdom for cardiac procedures like pacemaker insertions, General Cardiology, Coronary Intervention/Angioplasty and Angiography, Radial Access, Percutaneous Valve Therapy (TAVI) and Trans-oesophageal Echo. This ought not to be so when this can be made readily available in Nigeria.


We have the latest intracardiac devices, which we install in a participating institution or hospital and deliver them to patients at a fraction of its cost.

There are many benefits to both patients and these institutions:

1. Cost-Saving to Patient

2. Prevention of Needless Death

3. Learning Curve to Resident and New Consultants

4. Prestige to the Hospital

The procedures will be carried out by experienced cardiologists from the UK, most of them are professors of cardiology. They will train local doctors both at home and in the United Kingdom.


The Centres will be designed to undertake approximately 500 coronary angiograms, 1000 percutaneous interventions, 300 during the first year. In addition, there is an active programme for defibrillator implantation, biventricular pacing, a nuclear cardiology service, and tertiary heart failure clinic. Activity levels will be measured remotely.


The Centre is set up to be a well-defined purpose-build ward which may or may not be integrated to the main hospital building. It will consist of non-invasive cardiology suite including facilities for exercise testing transthoracic, as well as transoesophageal and stress echocardiography.

There will be an X-ray screening room for temporary pacing and insertion of intra-aortic balloon pumps—the X-ray unit will be an advanced fluoroscopy unit. We also provide the telemedicine equipment.


The Centre

The Centre we build becomes a regional referral centre and staff members will be trained to carry out the following services:

  • Coronary Intervention

  • Pacing

  • Arrhythmia Treatment

  • State-of-the-Art Imaging

  • A ‘24/7’ Heart Attack Centre

  • Teaching (Medical and Non-Medical)

  • Holter Monitoring Using Our State-of-the-Art Faros Device


We are also establishing an advanced cardiac centre which will include both the pacemaker clinic and the Cathlab itself. Also included here are cardiac MRI machines and echocardiography. As these skills are not readily available in the country, we would embark on the training of the medical personnel.

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