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This is the future of medicine. Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare service where distance is a critical factor by all healthcare professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, research and evaluation for the continuing education of healthcare providers all in the purpose of advancing the health of individuals and their communities

Benefits of Telemedicine

Improved diagnosis and better treatment management

Continuing education and training

Quick and timely for up of discharged patients

Access to computerized comprehensive data of patients both offline and real-time

Early diagnosis and treatment

Access to specialized healthcare in underserved remote areas

Reduced physician fees and cost of medicine

Reduced visit to hospital

Early detection of disease

Reduced mobility


60% of people leave in rural areas

Poor investment in rural areas

Problems of retaining doctors in rural areas

Low penetration of healthcare services

Low bandwidth



Poor mobile communication

Literacy level

Quality aspect

Perception of medical personnel


Store and forward – used in tele radiography and non-emergency

Two-way interactive television – video conferencing

Mobile health

Remote patient monitoring

How It Works​

A medical professional or patient easily sets up the examination or monitoring kit, and the physician or therapist simply logs into our website and is connected via a secure, streaming video, audio and data connection. It’s that simple. 

the essential components are:

  •  Cloud Based – HIPAA Compliant

  •  Wireless – Cellular and WiFi connectability

  •  Bluetooth Enabled – Bluetooth connected exam tools

  •  Live Streaming – Video/Audio and patient physiological status


Pc with laser printer

Ip video conferencing kit

Tele medicine softwares

cloud based  ECGS

pocket ultrasound

Digital microscope, dermatoscope, otoscope

Non-invasive pulse and BP monitor, connected glucometer amongst others


we have partnered with a british company to provide telemedicine to nigeria. We work with public and private establishments across the continent. We built a robust system that allows the hospital to maximise profit and sell the service to primary health care system, other tertiary centres, private hospitals etc. using our portals for a fee. We also provide training and support to our clients/ or hospitals. We will manage the service and with the help of the hospital create a target-oriented advertisement to create awareness about the system and help generate a large flow of income for the hospital. click on  the button below for more information.

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